What Is Lyme Bite

Here at Lyme Bite you will find health and wellness answers to help you live your happiest and healthiest with Lyme disease. Lyme Bite covers everything you need to know about living healthy including: 1-1 nutrition consulting, whole food recipes, fitness, e-books, meal planning, symptom management and health answers. Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed and treated poorly from a social, physical and mental standpoint. Our mission is to help you achieve balance in wellness giving the tools you need and sharing the genuine passion we have to help you feel your absolute best and reach optimal health.


Our health coaches understand the importance of providing the body with the right fuel to heal and feel well. We specialize not only in nutritional breakdowns and healing habits but in addressing symptoms and root issues specific to you. 1-1 consulting can help you understand your unique lyme disease to heal faster and feel better. We are focused on the results that matter most with lyme, helping you feel your happiest and healthiest.


Interested in Knowing how you can take your lyme disease to the next level? The Thriving with lyme ebook is an outlined source of simple steps to take your lyme disease health to the next level. These steps are the tools to stop declining in health and start Thriving with your Lyme.


Here on the lyme bite blog we will Cover all things lyme disease and Health. From lyme news to healing recipes each blog is designed to answer common questions and provide healing resources you can start using today in your home! Stay tuned for weekly updates on what’s happening by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.



Get your freedom back with 1-1 nutrition consulting. Our consultants are eager to start working with you on a personal level to give you the tools and resources to start healing now!

We Understand The Fight

Feel valued in your private consultations anytime, anywhere. Our nutritionist work with you on an individual basis to give you a unique plan to heal. Get answers and start to understand your disease better.


We are not focused on forced dieting, calorie counting or the latest fitness trends. We are focused on supporting the immune system, detoxing, supporting healthy cell growth, and healing, the results that really matter.

We Do Things Differently

Stop letting this disease control your life, make your own decisions. Start healing at home with tips adaptable for any phase of Lyme. Turn around bad days and allow the healing process to begin.